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epHiderm™ is a revolutionary anti-acne system, available for distribution to strategic private label partners who wish to expand their current product offerings. Utilizing the anti-bacterial and keratolytic properties of mandelic acid, our patent  pending system rapidly eliminates acne pimples, while leaving the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. In lab trials, epHiderm™ has proven to be more effective than all major competitive products tested against in the marketplace. epHiderm™ offers our private label partners a healthy profit margin, as well as an opportunity to enhance company/brand perception and customer loyalty.


Why Choose epHiderm™?
We have the ability to fully customize this product line in order to fit your company/brand image! This allows you to have a one-of-a-kind product, which is totally unique within the marketplace. We have resources available to help guide you through the entire process, from branding to logistics and FDA compliance. Our experienced team of project managers is available to discuss your options at any time, to ensure that your project is successful and your product offering is top-notch.


Mandelic acid is a so called “alpha-hydroxy acid” (AHA) and is significantly more anti-bacterial than all other AHAs when used for skin treatment. It also provides complimentary skin-dispersing activity to that of salicylic acid. Bacteria are one of the primary factors contributing to inflammatory acne. The greater affinity of mandelic acid to the skin makes it an ideal candidate to aid in the elimination of existing blemishes, while the residual effects can help to control continued outbreaks. Mandelic acid is excellent for absorbing the oils on the face and body, making it a natural fit for use on all skin types. In addition, it is by far less irritating and more germicidal than benzoyl peroxide, which is currently used in a majority of OTC acne treatments.



It really works! epHiderm™ is the most effective anti-acne solution on the market today. Try it yourself and you’ll see why!


Healthy profit margins
Our quantity based wholesale pricing allows our partners to achieve a fantastic ROI
(please contact us for wholesale pricing rates).


Create your own product
We have the capabilities and resources to customize this product line specifically for your organization, so that it fits within your brand/company image.


Dedicated project managers
With over 20 years in the consumer product development industry, we have the
experience necessary to get the job done


By partnering with Kantian Skincare, your organization eliminates R&D costs, time and resource
allocation, as well as liability concerns associated with consumer product development!  For more information, please fill out the contact form on the home page, or contact us directly:


Kantian Skincare, LLC
496 Smithtown Bypass – Suite 305
Smithtown, NY, 11787
(631) 780-4711



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